Community guidelines

At AGORA, our community comes first. We believe in building a safe space for all to express themselves and feel supported doing so. We will not stand for any content that undermines our mission. In order to foster safety, trust, and confidence amongst our users, we have come up with these community guidelines based on our values. By using AGORA, you agree to these Community Guidelines and to our Terms and Conditions.

Creating a safe space involves every member of the community, if you see anything you do not feel upholds these guidelines please send an email to ​[email protected] with the subject “Community Guidelines.” We also want your input so if you feel we are missing something just send us an email. We love feedback and can’t wait to hear from you!

Be Real.

Authentic. ​Only post content that is yours or content that you have the right to share. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Transparent. We promise to be transparent with you and we ask you to do the same. Please disclose if you have any ties to a product you are speaking about. If you are sponsored, a brand partner, a paid employee, or are in any way affiliated to a brand or product, let the rest of the community know. The AGORA team is also on AGORA and we will always mention we are employees in our bio. Look out for us!

Disclosure of Filters. You might notice we do not have filters on the app currently. We’ll be honest, we may add them down the line (especially if you ask for them)! If we ever do, we will always make sure you know anytime they are used. Let’s get real, filters that change your appearance might not be helpful when talking about the effects of products that go on your face, body or hair. We want to see your truth-- whatever that may be! We should all feel comfortable in our own skin! This being said, we cannot control what filters and editing tools are used to create your videos and we wouldn’t want to. We do encourage you to be open about filters if you are using them.

Be Respectful.

Kind.​ AGORA takes a zero tolerance stance on any content that is in any way insulting, harmful or disrespectful of others. It’s cool to be kind! Just as you respect your fellow human in real life, we ask that you bring the same respect to our platform and its users.

Behaviour that will not be allowed to stand includes but is not limited to:

Welcoming. AGORA invites everyone to join our community of beauty and wellness enthusiasts. We embrace our diverse community. This means we ask that you also embrace every member of our community.

Be Curious.

Creative.We don’t stand for any specific style. We want you to focus on what you like and who you are. You do you! Get creative and experiment while earning coins!

Open. We are always looking to better ourselves. Please send your feedback our way: let us know what you think of the app, what we can improve on, what you would like to see. We value your opinions and we are building an app for you, our users.

Informal.​ We want to provide you with a platform to have honest conversations about beauty and wellness! As such, we enable all points of view and opinions. Please keep in mind, we don’t always deal in facts but opinions so don’t take anything you watch on AGORA too seriously! If you are seeking medical advice, please seek professional help (we can help point you in the right direction). Nonetheless, we’re always happy to provide a safe space for advice, support, and fun!